A humble request.

Hey guys. I know we here at the retroeast podcast don't have quite the fan following as the former know your facts podcast did, but as a humble request, I, Greg, on behalf of the retroeast podcast, am going to start a kickstarter page for us. We need new equipment badly. We're in the process of turning the attic of my house into a studio, and we're going to need some actual legit equipment. Nothing too major. We're not asking for thousands of dollars, we're just asking for a few hundred bucks so we can piece together a legitimate recording computer and hopefully purchase a mixer as well. If you know us and you've been an avid listener, you'd understand the importance for these items. Unfortunately, we're all basically poor pieces of shit. Doing this podcast is a way to escape our otherwise boring lives. It gives us a chance to hang out, talk shit, and offer our views. I'm going to speak with Kerry and Kyle tomorrow and expand upon this idea that I have for where I'd like this podcast to go. With that, we'll be able to do more videos, more game reviews, and offer a lot more content. We're going to have a lot of cool ass buyer perks as well, such as, but not limited to t-shirts, buttons, pictures of my dick via snapchat, us reviewing your game, and so on and so forth. We'd really like this to be more interactive than what it currently is based on our limited budgets. So, even if you don't donate, pass the word around. Talk about us. Discuss us. Let the world know we exist. The quicker we all get the word out, the better off we'll all be. Maybe. Probably not, but curse the rest of the world with our stupidity. If you took the time to read this, thanks. If you didn't, you're still here, and that's a few cents into my pocket, you dicks.



EDIT: So I may have jumped the gun a bit and started a kickstarter. CLICK HERE
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